Senator Toomey Turns His Back on Veterans. Again.

The purpose of this measure was to restore the medical and education benefits for vets that were cut by the sequester. There is an unfortunate feeling growing among both our active duty military and veterans regarding what benefit will Congress cut next and they are losing faith in our government to provide the support they were promised when they enlisted.

Measure Number: S. 1982 (Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014 )
Measure Title: A bill to improve the provision of medical services and benefits to veterans, and for other purposes.

Vote Date: February 27, 2014, 02:26 PM
Pennsylvania: Casey (D-PA), Yea Toomey (R-PA), Nay

Contact Senator Toomey and tell him you won't forget this vote in November.

248 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4254

MontcoDFA Endorses Daylin Leach for Congress

At Febriary's monthly  meeting, voting members of MontcoDFA voiced their support for Daylin Leach to represent PA's 13th district in the US Congress. Both Daylin and Valerie Arkoosh provided inspiring remarks in their last minute pitches to the group. Many members expressed regret that only one of the great candidates for this seat could win the endorsement and appreciation for the fact that we live in an area that can field and support so many remarkable people as candidates for public office.

Montco DFA is proud to endorse Daylin Leach for Congress in Pennsylvania's 13th District.

Daylin has a 12-year record in the highly polarized PA House and Senate, effectively advocating for a broad range of progressive policies - from defeating voter ID laws, to reproductive justice for women and men, strengthening public education, environmental stewardship, marriage equality, fighting human trafficking, and much more.

Daylin has been more than a voice for progressive positions but has demonstrated effectiveness in passing legislation that fulfills those ideals. Yet he has shown he can navigate highly charged waters with reasonableness, comity, and a gift of humor.
In addition, Daylin's campaign is building on grassroots volunteers and a high percentage of small-dollar donors. He inspires thoughtful citizen activism. These are core DFA values, and a serious antidote to undue corporate influence.

Daylin's progressive roots are deep and personal. When illness struck his family, public assistance, Medicaid, and school lunch programs helped his family survive. Then, when his mother was forced to place him in a series of foster homes, public libraries and public schools were his safe havens. Later Pell Grants and guaranteed student loans allowed him to find success as an attorney. He knows there are girls and boys facing adversity today as he did. He is compelled by a sense of obligation to ensure that those public institutions and policies that lifted him from unfortunate circumstances are in place for today's children as well.

With his own experiences in mind, Daylin will fight to protect Social Security when he is in Congress since he is aware that for a large percentage of the elderly, it is their only income. He believes that our democracy must work for all our people.

Montco DFA proudly stands with Daylin Leach, a pace-setting progressive and bridge builder, to be the next representative in Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District.

13th Congressional Distict Candidates Forum

January 26, 2014 - 1:30pm

Thanks to everyone who attended and volunteered to make this event a great success.

A special thank you to We Act Radio for providing the following video of the forum.

Re-education, Tom Corbett Style

  I've often extolled the benefits to a capitalist economic model of maintaining a criminalized underclass. It supresses wages, amplifies the threat of not playing in the game to an individual's liberty, and ensures that there's always SOMEONE willing to perform the most menial or dangerous tasks required by the system.

This morning on Talking Points Memo Wade Henderson, the president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, points out that Pennsylvania under Tom Corbett's spending priorities is well on its way to distinguishing itself as one of the states most adept at expanding this pool of cheap labor. 

While Philadelphia's schools were reeling from a $300 million deficit, the state was bankrolling the construction of a "state of the art" prison complex less than an hour away in Skippack Township. The $400 million prison is expected to open in 2015 with a capacity of up to 4,000 prisoners. One of the reasons cited for the expansion is to house more prisoners closer to where they are from, Philadelphia. It's as though the state has given up on its largest city and is already lining up cells for Philadelphia's class of 2015. [Emphasis added - Ed.]

Of course, Tom and his privileged class needn't concern themselves with trying to go about their daily business while walking amongst bitter, uneducated, desperate people as do the rest of us that must make our livings at street level.

Well, at least Pennsylvania will have one distinction in the world community: jailer extraordinaire.

"If you've done nothing wrong, you've nothing to fear."

But maybe, just maybe, you've done something you're ashamed of or that could embarrass you. Would you want that shared with the government?

In an interesting presentation, The Guardian provides an overview of the background and issues related to the NSA's eavesdroppting programs as revealed by the Snowden leaks.

Take a minute (actually about 40 minutes) and get a handle on the history and the controversy surrounding these programs.

Just another cog in the machine?

"As a UNION member, you negotiate with your employer. As an individual, you beg."

Florida Justice

Trayvon Benjamin Martin (1995-2012)

Trayvon Benjamin Martin (1995-2012)


“Only in America can a dead black boy
go on trial for his own murder.”
Syreeta McFadden


Bev Hahn Honored by County Democrats

MontcoDFA's chair and inspiration Bev Hahn was honored by the Montgomery County Democratic Committee with a Special Recognition Award at their annual Fall Dinner on Sunday. Please join MontcoDFA in congratulating Bev for this much deserved recognition, and in thanking her for her tireless and indefatigable efforts on behalf of Democratic candidates.

Congratulations, Bev!!

You're an inspiration to us all!

Word To the Wise


DFA Contributing to Local Candidates

In June Bev Hahn went to Phoenixville to present DFA's $2500 check to Manan Trivedi (PA-06)

Last weekend, she traveled to Limerick to present Mark Painter $750 at his birthday fundraiser.

At the August 16 MCDC Exec. Board meeting she presented $500 to Steve McCarter and $750 to Kelly Devine.

At the MCDC meeting she also gave a rundown of the six candidates that DFA is financially supporting in Mont. Co.  Those attending were impressed with DFA's level of commitment, and people there thanked her for DFA's support.

But we're not done!! Next week, she will attend a fundraiser for Will Sylianteng to present his $750 check to him.


Please join us in supporting these great candidates!

But there's more!!


Back in 2004, one of the first Dean Dozen candidates was our own Allyson Schwartz. In 2012, one the most recent is Kathryn Boockvar (PA-08). Lets' send Mike Fitzpatrick to an early retirement and send Kathryn to Congress to join Allyson.
Click here to support Kathryn by contributing $12 or more through the Dean Dozen page!

Holy matrimony, Batman!!

Marriage is sacred

When the Out of Touch Advise the Out of Work

Paul Krugman in his latest tome End This Depression, Now!:

Now, there have always been people claiming that there's no such thing as involuntary unemployment, that anyone can find a job if he or she is really willing to work and isn't too finicky about wages or working conditions. There's Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for the Senate, who declared in 2010 that the unemployed were "spoiled," choosing to live off unemployment benefits instead of taking jobs. There are the people at the Chicago Board of Trade who, in October 2011, mocked anti-inequality demonstrators by showering them with copies of McDonald's job application forms. And there are economists like the University of Chicago's Casey Mulligan, who has written multiple articles for the New York Times website insisting that the sharp drop in employment after the 2008 financial crisis reflected not a lack of employment opportunities but diminished willingness to work.

The classic answer to such people comes from a passage near the beginning of the novelThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre (best known for the 1948 film adaptation starring Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston): "Anyone who is willing to work and is serious about it will certainly find a job. Only you must not go to the man who tells you this, for he has no job to offer and doesn't know anyone who knows of a vacancy. This is exactly the reason why he gives you such generous advice, out of brotherly love, and to demonstrate how little he knows the world."


 If you follow the link to the book above, you'll find the quote at the top of page 2.

Please Don't Confuse Hunters With Gun Nuts

Interesting that it is a woman with the cajones to speak out against the NRA. In a NYTimes Op-ed today, Lily Raff McCaulou expresses the sentiment of many hunters, myself included, regarding the NRA.

EARLIER this month, Mitt Romney delivered a speech at the annual National Rifle Association convention, calling for a president “who will stand up for the rights of hunters, sportsmen and those seeking to protect their homes and their families,” presumably with guns. I’d like to remind Mr. Romney that those are distinct groups. Too often — especially during an election year — hunters and N.R.A. members are lumped together as one and the same.

I’m a hunter and a sportswoman. I own guns, but not for self-defense. I support gun control laws. I would happily vote to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in my home state of Oregon. In other words, the N.R.A. does not represent me.

Among gun owners, I’m hardly alone. The N.R.A. has just over four million members. That sounds like a lot until you consider that about one in five American adults own one or more guns. That’s nearly 50 million people. That means roughly 90 percent of gun owners do not belong to the N.R.A.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that every N.R.A. member is also a hunter — which is highly unlikely, considering that the most comprehensive national survey of firearm ownership to date found that only 35 percent of gun-owning households say they hunt. Even then, the N.R.A. would represent only about one-third of all hunters in the United States.


To hunt, yes, we need guns. We also need wildlife. We need healthy habitat that is protected from development and pollution. We need land that is open and accessible to hunters.

If Americans’ hunting traditions are threatened, it isn’t because of bans on rifles and shotguns. The more likely culprit is the oil and gas drilling proposed in the San Juan Mountains of New Mexico — a beloved destination for elk and antelope hunters. Or the devastating effects of global warming on migratory game birds like snow geese and sandhill cranes. Or the fact that thousands of acres of United States farmland — and deer habitat — are lost to sprawling development every day.

Thank you, Lily!


A Lifetime of Service Recognized

Join MontcoDFA in recognizing the contributions Larry and Shirley Curry have made to our community.

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